Bespoke Framing 

Arts D’Lites provides professional framing services, focusing on detail and craftsmanship, for both traditional and modern items. We offer a wide variety of options, and our motto is: -

"You Name It & We Frame It"

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Custom Framing:
Arts D’Lites provides custom framing services using museum-quality techniques, handling various artwork types like family portraits and oil paintings, and offering a variety of mouldings and mounts for exceptional finished products.
Items Such as:
Include oil paintings, photographs (school, wedding, newspaper articles, concert programmes, etc.), prints, limited editions, certificates, stamps—anything and everything.

Memorabilia Mounting and Framing:
Arts D'Lites is dedicated to commemorating precious memories. Using experienced craftsmanship, we will create a gorgeous, designed frame that captures the soul of your memorabilia. We offer personalised advice on how to improve the appearance of your item. Arts D'Lites takes care to complete all areas of their job to the greatest standards. Our superior craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that you are completely satisfied.
Items Such as:
School certificates, collectable sporting goods, and various objects like soccer balls, war medals, and memorabilia are examples of collectible items that can be adorned with an emblem.

Box Mounting & Framing:
Our framing department offers first-rate bespoke box frames for displaying your 3D object in a visually attractive manner. Skilled craftsmen will assemble and mount, and our attention to detail results in a flawless display case. If your item requires it, we can offer frame accessories such as pedestals. We will advise you on the best course of action.
Items Such as:
Box structures for displaying assorted items like soccer balls, rugby balls, golf balls, model cars, planes, statues, war medals, and sports medals.

Embroidery Mounting:
We offer two mounting options for artwork creation: strong string for a sophisticated look or adhesive board and frame for a timeless, polished look. Our team handles both options with care, ensuring your masterpiece is displayed accurately.
Items such as:
Including embroidery, sewing, and rhinestone pin, brooches. Or any form of sewing or embroidery.

Canvas Stretching & Framing:
Arts D’Lites provides expert canvas framing services for oil paintings and prints, ensuring precision and care. They offer a wide range of frame designs and finishes to match your preferences and aesthetic, catering to both amateur and professional artists.
Items Such as:
Oil painting, a canvas print, or a photo that has been printed onto canvas. Additionally, the option to fix a distorted frame or reposition it is available.

Specifications of Bespoke Framing:

Framing a picture:

  • Our customised framing service is created to your requirements and is finished to the highest standard.
  • For framing a priceless photograph or a work of art, we offer a wide selection of mouldings to satisfy a variety of requests.
  • Our aim is to make sure that your piece is preserved and displayed beautifully for many years to come.
  • You put your confidence in us to handle your framing requirements with accuracy and care.
  • To find out more about our custom framing services, you can contact us by calling in the gallery, email, or phone.

Mounting and Framing of Memorabilia:

  • Allow our craftsmanship to frame and display your priceless item.
  • We can mount up to & including museum-quality, acid-free boards and build a frame to protect it.
  • When hanging in a place where children are we can use crystal-clear acrylic for added security.
  • For your framing needs, contact us for advice. Craftsmanship and high-quality materials are always a must.

Box Framing:

  • For the preservation of your priceless possessions Arts D’Lites provides custom box mounting & framing services.
  • To choose the most appealing display options for your items, our knowledgeable team will assist you.
  • You can choose between acrylic or glass, and for added appeal add a plinth.
  • We are experts at framing models of assorted items including model cars, ships, and airplanes.
  • Be sure to put your trust in Arts D’Lites to present your prized possessions in the best light possible.

Embroidery or other Textile Framing:

  • An intricate cross-stitch project deserves to be preserved. We can help.
  • We can make sure that it is protected for many years to come by lacing, pinning, or mounting it on a self-adhesive board.
  • It will be even more secure and beautiful if it is finished off with a frame.
  • Your work will be protected in this way for an exceptionally long time.

Stretching and Mounting Canvas:

  • We can stretch and frame both original artwork and canvas prints.
  • Your canvas will be expertly stretched over a wooden frame by our team of professionals who will make sure it is taut and wrinkle-free.
  • For already stretched canvases, we can also offer framing to give them a polished appearance.
  • Use our excellent stretching and framing services to proudly display your artwork.

Cleaning, Modifications, & Repairs:

  • To give your artwork better protection and longevity, our frame cleaning service includes removing the piece from its frame, cleaning the frame and glass thoroughly, and reassembling it.
  • We ensure that your artwork is kept clean and protected from outside elements that could harm it.
  • Our service will support maintaining your artwork's original beauty for many years to come.

Replacement of Glass:

  • If you prefer, we can upgrade your glass to float glass, non-reflective glass, or art glass as part of our replacement services.
  • With speed and accuracy, our team can upgrade or replace your broken glass.
  • Additionally, for added protection, we provide museum-grade acrylic options.
  • We can deliver the best answers for your glass replacement needs, so you can trust us.
  • To learn more, feel free to call in.

Replacement Mount:

  • With our service, you can have old or damaged mounts replaced with high-quality acid-free white-core conservation mounts.
  • These museum-quality mounts offer long-lasting protection for artwork or prints protecting them from deterioration.
  • We avoid the natural deterioration of materials that can cause fading or discoloration of the artwork by making sure that our    mounts are acid-free.
  • By guarding against any damage from light, moisture or pollutants, these premium mounts increase the lifespan of your artwork while maintaining its original appearance.

Information on Mounts & Glass:

  • In our custom framing we only use the finest materials.
  • Additionally, for a clean appearance, we only use acid-free white core mounts.
  • We can also provide age-resistant, ISO 9706-compliant rag mat museum boards for even greater protection.
  • Count on us to frame your artwork using the finest materials.

Information about glazing:

  • Styrene glazing: Vinyl benzene, also known as styrene, is a lightweight affordable material that provides physical protection from dust.
  • It can be used in both natural and artificial light because it is shatterproof and UV-stabilized.
  • Styrene is a great material option for uses that need both affordability and durability.
  • Styrene is a smart choice for a variety of commercial and industrial uses because it is the least expensive non-glass-facing material on the market.

2mm Float Glass:

  • Float glass is frequently used in framing because of its resistance to dust and scratches.
  • Float glass is still a preferred material for framing applications due to its affordability and durability, despite having only modest UV-blocking properties.
  • No-reflective Glass:
  • A special type of float glass called non-glare glass can reflect up to 85% of the light back reducing reflections.
  • To enhance viewing quality and enable clearer and more accurate viewing of the art, this glass is frequently used in frames for works of art.
  • To keep your artwork looking great for longer, non-glare glass also offers additional UV protection.


  • The ISO 18902 standard is followed. The photographic activity test (pat) per ISO 18916 was successful. It complies with ppfa and fatg conservation standards. real-time colour reproduction.
  • Museum conservation quality: conservation art-glass provides the best UV protection for artwork, photographs, and other priceless items.
  • By using conservation-clear art-glass, you can help avoid harmful UV light can cause the fading and deterioration from happening and guarantee that priceless heirlooms will last for years to come.
  • For anyone who values the preservation of their most priceless possessions, conservation Art-Glass is a necessary investment due to its elevated level of UV protection.

Crystal Clear Acrylic:

  • Depending on the size of the frame and the object being protected, we provide protection for objects with thicknesses ranging from 3 to 6 mm.
  • You can feel safe knowing that your priceless possessions are under our protection.
  • As well as safety if items need to be around children.

Framing for Memorabilia:

  • We specialise in using deep frames and museum-quality, acid-free boards to frame priceless items for display.
  • We take care to protect priceless items from the type of glass, and we also provide crystal-clear acrylic for hanging safety.
  • You can rely on us to assist you in displaying your treasured mementos in the best way possible.
  • Bring your item in for a "Free No-Obligation Quote"